HTBR Podcast on Radio Sol

Ep. 9: Being Active Within the Community, Supporting Local Businesses, Goal Setting Tips


Ep. 8:  Jesse Williams’ Speech, Riot at CA State Capitol, Transcending Hate

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Ep. 7: Rape Culture, Divisiveness, and Empowerment

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Ep. 6: Supreme Alphabet and Mathematics, 12 Jewels of Islam, Tao of Wu, and God Within

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Ep. 5: Knowledge v. Education, College Debt, Master Narrative

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Ep. 4: BHM, Black Panthers v. Police, Misrepresentation of Minorities

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Ep. 3: Body Shaming, Labeling, and Co-Creation

Ep. 2: Sex Strikes, Attachment v. Love

Ep. 1: Welcome to HTBR