Keeping It REAL with Tash and Tay


Our goal with How To Be Real is to dissect our society’s culture and help our people strengthen their knowledge of self.

We discuss topics that promote the growth of humanity, evoke powerful thought, and spark revolutionary conversation.

Our focus is to be the voice of the millennials!  We ask and answer the questions that society has taught us are “taboo” and we reveal truths that elevate one’s consciousness.

We are building a movement by loving who we are, being open to learn, giving to our community, and speaking our minds

How To Be Real currently:

  • Blogs with themes that uplift our community and brings all generations, cultures, and creeds together
  • Hosts a podcast on Radio Sol every other Tuesday
  • Records lifestyle/day-in-the-life videos to show daily growths and challenges
  • Makes entertaining videos with themes that support our philosophy (uplifting our culture)
  • Films activities we attend and/or are apart of
  • Creates events and projects that give back to the Local community
  • Interviews (both visual and written) local artists and brands

Please join us in this journey of cultural evolution as we use the How To Be Real Movement to unite and inform the world!